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The carriage wheels were tracked out the road, across the bridge where the creek enters the cove and then down to Sandy Beach where the carriage stopped and turned around.Blood stains served to lead the officers to a point along the dam on the far side where, between the Conrad and Whalen boat houses there was evidence of some heavy body having been placed on the ground.

From there the trail of blood led to near the dancing pavilion where a carriage had been standing.

These dams with the adjacent water treatment plant, supply our borough with water.

A history and other information along with pictures of Tumbling Run will be presented here.

The circumstances gave rise to the belief that a woman had been murdered, carried to the far side of the dam and then thrown in the water.

Henry Reichert made the discovery and William Falls who is acting as watchman at a number of boathouses at the Run, states that he heard a carriage pass along the road about midnight Thursday.

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